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Bornly is the leading health app system: It's your personalized pathway to optimal well-being, longevity and a disease-free-life.

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Early Detection, Healthier Future.

  • Personalized Health AI: Health protocols tailored to you
  • Lengthen your lifespan, improve your healthspan
  • Predict your future health: Prevent disease
  • Monitor Your Progress, Track Your Health
  • Slow Down Your Speed of Aging
  • Follow Proven Health Protocols
  • Set and Achieve Life Goals

Transforming Lives For Us All

Bornly isn’t just another health platform. We get that everyone’s journey is one-of-a-kind. So, we’re all about meeting you right where you are and teaming up with you to hit your goals in life.

We Build Health Apps & Services

Our main focus is to build health apps and services. We build apps that help you get better and healthier. We curate services that help you reach your goals.

We Tailor Health Protocols

We find and tailor health protocols for you, created by the worlds leading experts.

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We Help Humans

We do this because we want to help people get healthier (including ourselves and our loved ones) and live forever.

Helping humans and their health with Bornly

We Think About Chronic Health Conditions

We know how lonely and hard it can be to live with chronic health issues. That's why we build apps that others won't.

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We Research & Share Learnings

We love the science around health, nutrition, disease, longevity, and everything associated with the human body. We nerd out on health research and share our learnings with you.

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We Have an App For Your Health Needs

We don't just build apps, we build experiences. We believe that the best way to help people is to empower them to help themselves. Our apps are designed to help you take control of your health, and live your best life. Our main app, Bornly, is currently in development, but you can find another that suits your current health needs.

The Bornly Approach

Our principle is simple: Health should be personalized, set on autopilot, scientifically and medically correct, and fun and rewarding. Everyone born should be given the tools to live a healthy life. That’s why we’re working to improve the health of everyone with super-personalized products.


Monitor Your Progress

Stay updated with real-time insights into your health journey, and track your progress over time - never miss a beat.


Health on Autopilot

We leverage the power of our Bornly AI to deliver personalized health insights, curated with human expertise.

Personal Health

Health made for you

We understand that everyone’s journey to health is unique, which is why we craft experiences tailored to you.