Braxton Hicks Contractions

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Braxton Hicks is the body's way of starting and training for birth. It is a milder form of contractions in the uterus that comes before birth.

It is wise that the uterus begins to prepare for birth during pregnancy and do the exercise that will also get the baby out into the big world. In other words, Braxton Hicks is a really good thing, even if they can hurt a little.

When will Braxton Hicks start?

It is a matter of when in pregnancy you can experience Braxton Hicks and what days, and in what situations will Braxton Hicks occur. Let's start by addressing the first question.

I often experience questions like: Can I get Braxton Hicks week 18 and Braxton Hicks week 15, and what about Braxton Hicks week 30, etc.? As a pregnant woman, you are understandably concerned about all the changes you notice in your body.

Braxton Hicks contractions are pretty standard and usually start to appear in the second half of pregnancy, but you may experience them sooner. If you have been pregnant before, you may notice them a little earlier because you know what they are and can recognize them.

What usually causes Braxton Hicks?

When it comes to Braxton Hicks's contractions, there is nothing ordinary. It can be different from pregnant to pregnant and pregnancy to pregnancy. You may also find that different situations cause picking feathers at other times. You can get Braxton Hicks...

  • ...when you walk

  • ...when you relax

  • ...when you lie down

  • the evening

  • the night

  • ...several days in a row

The closer you get to birth, the more powerful you will experience the Braxton Hicks.

How does Braxton Hicks feel?

If you have already gone through pregnancy once or more, you know the feeling, but as a first-time pregnant, it is unknown, so here you can see some examples of how Braxton Hicks contractions typically feel.

  • Your stomach will become completely hard and strained.

  • It shouldn't be painful to get Braxton Hicks.

  • It is short-lived and does not occur more than five times in an hour.

  • It can give a stinging feeling and might hurt a little bit.

When experiencing a Braxton Hick, you should take it easy and lie down until it is over. You mustn't experience too many Braxton Hicks too soon, as this is not how they should occur.

If in doubt, always consult your doctor or midwife.

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