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Breathing exercises are excellent and beneficial both during pregnancy and not least during childbirth, where they can contribute to pain relief. 

Breathing during pregnancy 

Good breathing is beneficial when you are pregnant. Especially in the last months of pregnancy, when your stomach and uterus get more prominent, it requires more air to the bottom of the lungs (this is why you experience rapid breathing). 

The better breathing you have, the more oxygen there is in the blood, and the more the body cleanses, which is beneficial for both you and your child.

Deep Breathing During Pregnancy 

To prevent headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, it is good to practice deep breathing. Because the deeper and more controlled it gets, the more profit you get. 

You can also optimize your oxygen uptake by breathing through your nose. 

You can do exercises that follow your breathing, yoga breathing, or soothing relaxation breaths to get a deep breath. 

Breathing exercises during childbirth 

Good breathing provides a good foundation for tackling and handling contractions during childbirth. Therefore, it is also recommended that pregnant women, from the 36th week onwards, start doing breathing exercises several times a week so that it feels as natural as possible for the birth. 

Breathing exercises take time to learn but are worth the time as it makes it easier for you to handle the contractions and gives you better conditions for the press work. 

To become good at breathing exercises, you can: 

  • Read books about it 

  • Attend courses 

  • Watch videos online 

  • Participate in birth preparation 

  • Go to pregnancy yoga 

You can use several breathing exercises and techniques during childbirth depending on how far in the birth process you are, which you all get to know by actively participating in breathing courses and learning through videos and books.

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