How Can Do Dads Bond with Their Unborn Baby?

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Although you might not be carrying your baby, there are plenty of ways that dads can start to bond with their babies before they are born.

Here we'll look at some great ways to get your parent-child relationship off to a great start.

Talk to Your Baby

In the third trimester, your baby can hear muffled sounds from the outside world. This includes the sound of their dad's voice.

By talking to your baby, reading a story, or singing a song, you introduce them to the sound of your voice, which they can start to recognize.

Even though your baby might not be able to hear you talking to them in the first or second trimesters, there's no harm in talking to them at this stage of pregnancy. Talking to your baby may give you time to reflect on your hopes and dreams for parenthood.

Pay Attention to Movements

If she doesn't mind, spend time with your hand on your partner's bump.

Feeling your baby move, and responding with gentle pressure, is a great way to start interacting with your baby before they're born.

Go for Walks

Go for a walk with your partner in places unique to you. This might be near to the local play park where you can imagine spending lots of time with your little one as they grow, or to the place where you got married.

Think about the activities you might like to do with your child as they grow up, and enjoy visiting these places before they are born.

Write a Journal

Men can write a pregnancy journal, too. You might also want to document your dreams, hopes, and aspirations alongside your fears or anxieties. Writing a journal can be a great way to process your feelings and imagine yourself as a parent.

Arrange an Ultrasound

Nothing compares to seeing your baby on the screen. If you feel like you need to bond with your baby with your own eyes, booking a private scan will allow you to watch your baby as they kick, roll and swallow inside your partner's womb.

A 4D scan may give you a clearer picture of your baby to treasure forever.

Final Thoughts

Being a dad doesn't mean you can't bond with your baby before they are born.

Take time to reflect, talk to your baby and feel their movements, and soon you'll feel that bond between you growing and strengthening.

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