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When you are pregnant, many things happen in the body with hormones and not least the uterus that grows. Therefore, it is not abnormal to experience stomach and intestinal system problems. Typically, however, constipation is a classic pregnancy symptom, but diarrhea and Diarrhea can also occur.

Diarrhea in the 3rd trimester

If you experience this as a symptom, it will be at the end of pregnancy. The reason is simply that the body prepares for childbirth, and part of the preparation is to empty the intestines and provide more space to push the baby out.

This is also why you often get Klyx or similar products during childbirth to ensure the intestines are emptied, and there is plenty of room for the baby to come out. Diarrhea at this time is thus only the body's form of "Klyx."

A sign of birth coming

If you suddenly get a Diarrhea at the end of the third trimester, it can also signify that the birth is just around the corner because the body with a Diarrhea is starting to prepare for childbirth.

It is not abnormal to have it for an extended period until birth, and there are reports of pregnant women experiencing having it up to 1-2 weeks before the birth takes place.

Diarrhea earlier in pregnancy

If you get a Diarrhea at other times earlier in pregnancy, there is no evidence that it should be a pregnancy symptom. In that case, it can be a common infection that you can still get even if you are pregnant, and it may persist for some time until the condition is out of the body again.

Are you very worried or in doubt, you can always consult your doctor or midwife about diarrhea.

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