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Visual disturbances are unusual symptoms during pregnancy and, therefore, only experienced in a few pregnant women. It is not something that is dangerous or should give you cause for concern. However, if you repeatedly experience visual disturbances, you should consult a midwife or doctor to find out what is causing the visual disturbances.

Visual disturbances can be a sign of pregnancy poisoning.

Some pregnant women will find their eyes flicker when they get up too fast or make other quick movements. This may be because the blood percentage is too low or because the uterus and fetus are pressing on the large vein in the abdominal cavity.

If you also experience headaches, rapid weight gain with water in the body, abdominal pain, nausea, and visual disturbances, these can be symptoms of pregnancy poisoning. Visual disturbances alone are not necessarily a symptom of it - but it is always good to get clarified by the doctor or a midwife, as pregnancy poisoning can be life-threatening for both the baby and you.

Hormone changes can cause visual disturbances

Fluctuations in hormone levels can cause vision to deteriorate during pregnancy, or you to have dry eyes, blurred or distorted vision, or flicker in the eyes. In pregnant women who experience visual disturbances, vision often returns to normal after birth.

However, lack of iron or too much strain and stress at work and in everyday life can also give rise to the flicker of the eyes as it presses your body. Therefore, always listen to yourself and your body and do not expose it to more than it can handle.

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