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Excess gas during pregnancy is prevalent.

This often manifests as burping (belching) or farting (flatulence or breaking wind).

Here we will look at why pregnancy can cause an increase in gas and what you can do about it.

Why Might You Fart and Burp More in Pregnancy?

There are two main reasons for an increase in farting and burping during pregnancy.

  1. Rising Progesterone Levels

The hormone progesterone rises as early as the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Progesterone has an effect on smooth muscles within the body. Smooth muscle forms a large part of the body's internal organs, including the bowel (also known as the intestines or digestive tract).

As progesterone rises, it causes relaxation within smooth muscles, including the power of the bowel. This slows digestion down.

When digestion is slower, there is more time for gas to build up in the bowel. To avoid discomfort, this gas is expelled by farting or burping.

  1. Physical Changes

In the second and third trimesters (week 13 onwards), your uterus continues to expand to accommodate your growing baby.

This puts pressure on other organs within the abdomen, including the bowel.

The increased pressure slows down digestion, and gas can accumulate. The excess gas manifests as burping or farting.

Is There a Cure?

If you want to reduce the amount you burp or fart or need to minimize any discomfort caused by the extra gas, there are three natural ways to reduce the amount of gas produced within the bowel.

  1. Avoid foods that cause excess gas. You may need to keep a food diary to see which foods cause an increase in gas. Some women find it helpful to cut out cabbage, sprouts, beans, fried foods, or fizzy drinks.

  2. Exercise every day. Even a gentle walk could help minimize the effects of excess bowel gas.

  3. Eat healthily and stay well hydrated with water.

Medical Advice

For most women, farting and burping is more inconvenient than a medical problem.

However, some pregnant ladies can be uncomfortable bloating due to excess gas. If you are experiencing pain or constipation, consult your midwife for advice.

Final Thoughts

An increase in farting and burping in pregnancy is expected.

Aside from inconvenience or embarrassment, this change will not cause much of an issue for most women. The increase in farting and burping will settle following the birth of your baby.

However, if you are experiencing excess gas that is causing discomfort or other problems, you should speak to a medical professional for advice.

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