Nails During Pregnancy

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Significant changes in the production and level of hormones in the body make it quite common to experience changes in the nails. It can manifest itself as both increased growth and changes in the nails. How much more they grow, or what changes occur, differs from woman to woman.

Nail growth during pregnancy

The change in hormones in the body causes the nails to grow faster than they usually do. Because they grow faster, they also become more porous and exposed.

You may therefore experience that:

  • There is discoloration in the nails.

  • There is increased fragility in the nails.

  • There are transverse grooves.

  • The nails loosen more easily.

  • The skin becomes thicker under the nails.

Some of the changes may feel uncomfortable. However, most change again after birth when hormone levels are no longer so high.

Use of nail polish during pregnancy

In principle, pregnant women are not advised to use nail polish as it contains chemicals and, in some cases, endocrine disruptors. If you want to use nail polish during pregnancy, you should use natural products for water-based nail polish.

The use of chemistry should be limited as much as possible, as the fetus is vulnerable to even small amounts. It can affect the baby's organs and nervous system, so you should be careful.

Would you like to use nail polish now and then? You should, therefore:

  • Breezes out while you do it

  • Avoid breathing vapors

  • Use a water-based / chemical-free nail polish

  • Avoid hitting the skin with the nail polish

  • Using chemical-free nail polish remover

Chemical-free nail polish is as good as it is chemically based and is available in many varieties. The more you are aware of the use of chemistry, the better it is both for yourself and your child.

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