Pregnant and Dreaming

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The body is exposed to a lot during pregnancy, just as you, as a pregnant woman, are also emotionally challenged because you are facing a massive change in your life. Dreams, therefore, often become both wilder and more intense than what you are used to

The dreams are clearer

Because the dreams can be extra intense during pregnancy, you are emotionally and mentally very challenged; it can feel like you are dreaming more than what you are used to. Unless you have started sleeping more hours than usual, you do not because you remember your dreams better.

This is because:

  • Your dreams are more intense

  • Your dreams may be unrealistic

  • Your dreams are wilder

  • You wake up more often

Do you experience having very intense dreams resulting from everything that happens inside you and up in your thoughts, they can be so severe that they wake you up. You usually wake up too as a pregnant woman because you have to pee. Both make you better remember what you just dreamed and feel that you are dreaming more.

Talk to others about your dreams

It is very typical for pregnant women to dream positive and negative dreams about the pregnancy itself or after the baby is born.

It can be dreams that:

  • Your partner is unfaithful

  • You forget your baby

  • You or the child dies

Do you experience having very violent dreams, where some nights you may not dare to go to sleep again or wake up and are sad, it may be a good idea to talk to your partner, mother, or girlfriend about your dreams.

It is very common for worries in the waking hours to manifest as strange or intense dreams of both negative and cheerful nature. By talking to others about your dreams and concerns about your pregnancy, you can often be lucky enough to find the connection between the waking hours and your dreams and thus become more clarified and less worried.

It is generally perfect for your sleep that you get to talk to others about your worries about pregnancy and childbirth, as it will be easier for you to let go of the concerns up until bedtime or when you wake up at night as a result of an intense dream.

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