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Pregnancy comes with a wide range of worries and physiological changes such as morning sickness, fatigue, and pain. However, pregnancy also brings more positive physiological changes, such as Pregnancy Glow, also called pregnancy glow in Danish, which causes changes in skin and hair. 

The skin becomes oily 

Hormones and the hormone balance go in and affect you a lot in the months you are pregnant. Among them, extra hormones often lead to an increase in oil production, which to a greater extent gives you more oily skin. 

Along with an increase in your blood flow and blood production, which increases by about 50% during pregnancy, it also causes your face to look brighter or fuller. 

Together, it gives some pregnant women a nice and shiny glow, while for other pregnant women, it can lead to increased problems with acne and impure skin. Here you can advantageously clean your face a few times a day with a face cleanser that is not based on oil. 

The hair becomes oily 

The increased oil production appears as a shiny shine on the face. It can also lead to oily and oily hair for some pregnant women, giving an extra and lovely glow to the hair or weighing it down extra if you already tend to have oily hair. 

Do you find that your scalp starts to suck up extra because of Pregnancy Glow, you can fix it by doing the following: 

  • Wash your hair every day 

  • Wash like hair twice; the first, massage the shampoo into the scalp to clean the fat and then repeat to care for the scalp and remove the last remnants. 

  • If necessary, supplement hair powder if you do not feel the hair wash is enough. 

How fat a scalp you experience having through pregnancy depends on how your body responds. Although it may seem like a big nuisance, it is essential to keep in mind that it is just a period and that you are not alone in having oily hair as it is an entirely natural reaction in the body.

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