Pregnant and Fever

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Fever during pregnancy is usually due to the exact causes of getting a fever when you are not pregnant and is generally not dangerous for you. Fever typically occurs due to a common viral infection.

Is it dangerous with fever?

If you have a fever when you are pregnant, it is entirely harmless to you in most cases. It will usually be due to a viral infection that is not dangerous to the fetus or you. Of course, it can not be ruled out that there are exceptional cases where you or the fetus may be adversely affected.

Therefore, if you suspect that something is not entirely as it should be, it is recommended that you contact your doctor.

Special viral infections

In a few cases, pregnant women are affected by some more certain viral infections, increasing the risk of miscarriage, malformations, or anemia in the fetus.


Parvovirus is one of the particular viral infections that can occur. It rarely occurs and manifests as a mild fever and causes joint pain in the knees, wrists, and hands. In some cases, it can cause lasting disease, which is seen by rashes on the body or the cheeks.

If the virus occurs during pregnancy, it can cause anemia in the fetus and slightly increase the risk of miscarriage. The chance of getting the virus is most significant between the 9th and 16th week (but it is small).


The infection is caused by the parasite toxoplasma, found in raw meat and cat feces. It is essential to stay away from raw meat and preferably cat feces during pregnancy as it can lead to malformations, miscarriage, and a violent infection.

The symptoms will usually look like the common flu.

Chickenpox and rubella

Chickenpox is only something you should be worried about if you did not have it as a child. It turns out to be a rash all over the body and can get very serious during pregnancy.

Red dogs are also only something you should be worried about if you have not been vaccinated against them as a child. If you are not, and it occurs during your pregnancy, it can cause severe damage to the fetus.

Prevention of infections

Fever is never nice to have and generally causes discomfort while on. In the vast majority of cases, it is not dangerous.

You can avoid being infected with infections by:

  • Maintaining good hygiene

  • Staying away from raw meat and feces from cats

  • Washing vegetables and fruits thoroughly.

  • Pay attention to illness in the social circle.

If you have a fever and it worries you, you can always contact your doctor to find out if there is anything you should be examined for.

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