Pregnant and Pertussis Vaccine

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The National Board of Health in Denmark recommends that all pregnant women be vaccinated against pertussis. It protects both you and not least the child in the first months of life, where it can be critical and put the child at particular risk of becoming seriously ill if infected.

Protection in the first months of life

Based on a pertussis epidemic, the vaccine is recommended and offered free of charge to all pregnant women until 01 April 2021. This is only a preliminary date and can be extended further. It is a safe vaccine for both you and the baby and provides good protection against whooping cough for the baby in the first months after birth.

The National Board of Health recommends that pregnant women receive the vaccine in the 3rd trimester. It will typically be given at your doctor's 3rd routine pregnancy test, usually around 32 weeks.

Usually, whooping cough is not dangerous in adults or older children. However, it can be difficult for young infants until they can be vaccinated. When you receive the vaccine as a pregnant woman, you form antibodies against whooping cough, which is transmitted to the baby and thus protects it.

Rare side effects

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority recommends that pregnant women be vaccinated against pertussis, as they assess that the beneficial effects of the vaccination overshadow the rare and potentially harmful consequences that may occur.

If you have any further questions about the vaccine or are concerned, you can always talk to your doctor.

Does not replace vaccination of the child

When you receive vaccination against whooping cough, it can not go in and replace the child's immunization in the child vaccination program. It protects only during the first months of life, so it is recommended to vaccinate the baby when it is 3.5 and 12 months old.

The vaccinations effectively limit whooping cough and should be done on time and without delay, even if the child has general lethargy or a cold with mild or no fever.

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