Sewing after Birth

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Once your baby has been born and the placenta has also been delivered, you will immediately after being examined for ruptures in the abdomen by a midwife. She will check if everything is as it should be or if there have been ruptures that need to be seen during the birth.

Not all women need to be sewn after a birth. But, should it happen to you, it is done very professionally.

Stunning when sewing

Many pregnant women worry about how their abdomen will feel after giving birth. It is not sure that you need to be seen, but it will be done while you are anesthetized in the area if you must because there has been a rupture.

It is very different how sensitive women are in the area after giving birth. For some, the abdomen will feel very painful, while for others, it will not be something they notice because, after birth, they feel numb in the stomach.

Even if you get anesthesia, you will be able to feel that you are being affected down there. However, you can easily sleep with the child in the meantime, which can remove focus from you being sewn.

It should be mentioned that there may be cases where the ruptures are so strong that you instead have to go to an operating room to be sewn.

Self-dissolving thread

If you are sewn after the birth, it is not something you subsequently have to go to the hospital to have removed again. The thread is self-dissolving and typically disappears after 7-14 days, which is also the time it takes for a rupture to heal up again.

After a few days, the skin will be closed again. After that, it will not sting when you pee.

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