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Is it a contraction? Is it now? Once you are pregnant and have reached puberty, it is very common to start looking for signs of childbirth. You can keep an eye on several of them when you approach or have reached term. However, your birth can only start with ejaculation or labor. 

Stomach Sinking

One of the first signs that it is soon time for birth is that your stomach is sinking. This happens quite naturally due to the baby's head coming further down towards the pelvis and therefore filling up less at the lungs.

It usually happens already 14 days before the birth. However, it can happen both much before and just before birth.

The mucus plug

In pregnancy, there is a mucus plug in the cervix. It ensures that bacteria cannot access the uterus and the baby. As the term and birth approach, you may find that the mucus plug comes loose and ends up in the panties or toilet. You are in no doubt as the consistency is thick and either rigid or slimy.

However, it can also happen before term, and here the body will form a new mucus plug.

Character bleeding

As you approach the birth, you may get a slight fresh bleed. It's not something you should be nervous about, as it is a sign of bleeding, which results from the small blood vessels rupturing due to movement in the tissue.

It can come at the time of ejaculation, at minor pains, or because you are at the beginning of birth.

Menstrual pain

Shortly before birth, the uterus begins to work. This means that it makes the cramping movements that also occur during menstruation. Therefore, you may feel uncomfortable in the lower abdomen and the lower back. These are the first small contractions, which are just unpleasant murmurs.

The water goes

Water discharge is a sure sign that the birth is underway. You are in no doubt when it happens as there comes a style trickle or a good splash. In any case, it gives you a feeling of being moist. Once the water has gone, there is access from the outside into the baby, so the birth is always started with a ve-stimulating drip immediately after.


Birth can also start with labor. Here you wait for them to increase in strength, as you can have plucking pains for a long time before they turn into expansion pains. You know that plucking pains have turned into expansion pains when they become so powerful that you can not concentrate on anything other than breathing.

If in doubt, you can always call the delivery room.

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